When Jane Walker has a chance meeting with mysterious and handsome Kanin Baselio, she finds herself hoping that he and the warm feeling he gives her, will both return to her gallery night after night.

When the opportunity arises, Jane attends one of Kanin’s many parties. She is warned by her best friend, and business partner, Julian Lauren, to be careful around Kanin as he is “a man of the world.” Shocked by his home and guests, but thrilled by his intoxicating presence, she begins a passionate love affair with Kanin.

One evening after being away from Jane for a week, Kanin returns with a ring and exposes his secret to Jane, turning her world upside down.

The man grinned. He took a step forward, and stood close to her. Without making it obvious, she inhaled quietly. She parted her lips trying to breathe him and the warm feeling in. Each night he came she found herself feeling more nervous. Each day she thought of this moment more often, keeping tabs on the clock a few minutes earlier every evening. For the last two days the gallery had closed on its normal schedule, and the time away from this mysterious man had been torture. She lived for these few minutes, and was starting to crave them.