My name is A. S. Albrecht. I am the author of the Hungry trilogy, and the stand alone novel The Nineteenth Encounter: A Superhero Fable. I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. I grew up writing short stories and poems. I graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in English, and now live in central Texas with my family.

I started my writing career publishing short stories for such Erotica Literary sites as Cleansheets (we all have to start somewhere) under the name Ashley Albrecht. Since that time I have written many erotic short stories, and three novels. I like to dabble with erotica, but have now shifted my focus on full length novels, namely paranormal romance.

Like many readers I have read current novels written in the paranormal romance category. Alongside popular vampire love stories, my trilogy explores the difficult relationship between vampires and humans, but on a mature level with adult content. I hope you find my novels as engaging to read as they were for me to write.

I would like to say one word about my female characters. So many popular female characters today in my opinion do not reflect women today. I am a fan of smart, independent, strong female characters that don’t define themselves through men, and this reflects in my stories as well. (This might explain why I am a diehard fan of the Tomb Raider series!)

Thank you for visiting my site!